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Multi-Purpose (MP2) Grease
Super S Multi-Purpose (MP2) Grease is a NLGI 2, lithium-based, water resistant grease for automotive and light to medium trucks, farm and industrial applications. It is recommended for automotive chassis lubrication points, ball joints and universal joints and resists softening at high operating temperatures.  It seals out dirt and moisture contamination and protects against rust and corrosion.

Hi-Temp Red Grease
Super S Hi-Temp Red Grease is a NLGI 2, lithium-based premium quality, multi-functional grease with outstanding high temperature and extreme pressure characteristics.  It provides excellent lubrication over a wide range of operation temperatures and services. Its dropping point exceeds 500º F. It also has outstanding lubrication qualities that extend over a wide range of Heavy-Duty/Fleet applications including wheel bearings (disc and drum), vehicle chassis, boat trailers, universal joints, ball and roller bearings and many others. Super S Hi-Temp Red Grease is well suited for automotive, farm and industrials applications.

"00" Grease/Cotton Picker Grease
Super S "00" Grease is a smooth textured, corrosion preventive grease manufactured with a special low viscosity, low pour point base oil with a lithium thickener, as well as rust and oxidation inhibitors.  It is recommended for industrial and agricultural applications calling for a low consistency product with low operating temperature properties.  Super S NLGI "00" Grease meets or exceeds the requirements for John Deer JDN 360 specifications for cotton picker spindle lubricants.  It is widely used in gear boxes on bush hog type cutters and some gear cases on riding lawn mowers.








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