For your convenience, Smitty's Supply offers antifreeze/coolant as undiluted and pre-diluted. All antifreeze is available in 6/1 gallon jugs and 55 gallon barrels. Contact one of our sales or order entry representatives to ask about other available options.





Undiluted Antifreeze/Coolant

Universal Formula Antifreeze/Coolant
Super S Universal Formula Antifreeze provides protection from freezing, overheating, rust and corrosion when used as recommended. It protects all cooling system metal surfaces including aluminum. It will not damage auto finishes or rubber parts.

Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant
Super S Extended Life Antifreeze is a new generation of antifreeze technology that can be used to upgrade any automobile or light truck cooling system to a remarkable 150,000 miles - 5 Years of Protection. Extended Life Antifreeze is compatible with conventional antifreeze, but may reduce its characteristics to conventional antifreeze levels and is not recommended by manufacturers.  Super S Extended Life Antifreeze should be mixed to a 50% water concentration.

Fleet Antifreeze/Coolant
Super S Fleet Antifreeze is formulated to provide optimum protection against freezing, boil over, cavitations, erosion, corrosion, and scale for all heavy-duty cooling system applications.  It is SCA precharged, therefore it requires no SCA at initial fill, and insures proper chemistry at every top-off. Special anti-scale additives eliminate the need for de-ionized water.

Prediluted Antifreeze/Coolant

50/50 Premix Antifreeze/Coolant
Super S 50/50 Antifreeze meets the same specifications and gives the same protection as Super S Antifreeze. It is mixed with a 50% water concentration for ease of application and cleanliness.








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